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I, Jeff Bezos, am a significant boy with a massive truck. VROOOOM!

I, Jeff Bezos, Am A Significant Boy With A Massive Truck. VROOOOM!
Truck go BEEP!

Image: Walter McBride / getty

By Jack Morse

I, Jeff Bezos, super wealthy adult guy and definite Huge Boy, like vans! And development tools! And transferring dust!VROOOOOOM!BEEP BEEP!

But you presently know this! I explained to you so! When, yesterday, I hopped into a huge front loader (can you think they let me do this things?!) and, in entrance of a bunch of cameras, picked up some dust and thenDUMPEDIT suitable back on to the similar spot!

We’re investing $1.5 billion in our new air hub to get you your offers speedier. Three million square feet, and it is heading to produce 2,000 work. And if you are guessing that driving a entrance loader was entertaining, you are proper! #amazon #primary

— Jeff Bezos (@JeffBezos) May possibly 14, 2019

Like, WOW, proper?! Was it important in any way?! No! Was itenjoyment?! You would Superior Believe IT!

“If you’re pondering,” I informed the cheering group viewing me participate in with my Huge Boy toy at the Cincinnati/Northern Kentucky Global Airport, “which is exciting!”  

But why am I staying so silly?! Ofsystemyou were being thinking!AND It can be Certainly Enjoyable!

You might be also definitely curious about my strategies for the $one.five billion air hub I’m getting created! Which is of course why I dumped the filth, goofballs! The hub will “get you your offers faster[!],” and is scheduled to open sometime in 2021! It will have planes! Planes are likeSKY Trucks


Now excuse me when I go participate in with my Space TOYS!RAAAAAAARRRRRR!BLAST OFF!