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Twitter hater claims he’d somewhat consume pee than coconut drinking water, and Vita Coco follows by means of

Twitter hater claims he’d somewhat consume pee than coconut drinking water, and Vita Coco follows by means of

By Morgan Sung

Models uh, really are likely for it currently. 

Vita Coco, for 1, experienced us all screaming when they responded to a hater who tweeted that he’d rather drink their social media manager’s pee than eat Vita Coco’s coconut h2o. As a substitute of just relocating on, the enterprise mustered up all its BDE and experienced a staffer urinate in a jar, post a photo of reported pee, and ask for the hater’s handle.

How the hell did we get below?

Intensely opinionated Twitter consumer Tony Posnanski took to the system in March to share some very hot can take nobody requested for, including an assault on coconut h2o. In still a different “unpopular views” write-up, he tweeted, “Coconut h2o is disgusting. Even if it is from a newborn coconut.” 

Two months after earning that publish, Vita Coco experienced some words for Posnanaski, whose Twitter bio claims he owns an “all you can consume egg restaurant.” 

“There is this kind of a issue as far too quite a few eggs,” Vita Coco responded, seemingly seeking for a Twitter fight.

Unpopular Opinion: there is such a point as way too several eggs.

— Vita Coco (@VitaCoco) May perhaps 15, 2019

Posnanski replied by the moment once more asserting that coconut h2o is “fucking disgusting” and shared a 2014 posting he wrote for the Huffington Publish about how much he hated the beverage. Let’s all just get a instant to appreciate the absolute enthusiasm in this producing: 

So I bought a stupid environmentally friendly little one coconut and I did handle to open up it. I drank the water. It was even now gross. It tasted just like the awful stuff I drank from the bottle. Except now I had coconut drinking water all in excess of my counter simply because opening a coconut is a agony.

Okay. We get it. This dude truly despises coconut h2o. But when Vita Coco made available to mail him some in hopes of swaying him, Posnanski kept up the detest.

“I would relatively drink your social media person’s piss than coconut water,” he spewed. 

Fuck that. Help you save that terrible shit for somebody else. I would fairly consume your social media individuals piss than coconut water.

— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) May 15, 2019

Posnanski most likely didn’t count on Vita Coco to return with the very same electricity. The model responded with a photograph of anyone — presumably a social media manager — standing in a bathroom stall, holding up a Vita Coco-branded jar of yellow liquid. 

How do you recuperate from that? Is there any witty response to anyone pretty much peeing in a jar to satisfy your have pissed off (sorry) insult? Guaranteed you dragged them, but at what expense?

And despite the fact that coconut drinking water is disgusting this is particularly funny.

— Tony Posnanski (@tonyposnanski) Could 15, 2019

Vita Coco confirmed in a DM to Mashable that it actually is pee in that jar. 

Twitter Hater Claims He'd Somewhat Consume Pee Than Coconut Drinking Water, And Vita Coco Follows By Means Of

Image: morgan sung/mashable

When asked about regardless of whether it was only 1 person’s urine in the jar, or a team effort, Vita Coco attributed the sheer quantity of liquid to “unlimited coconut drinking water in the place of work.” They did not confirm no matter whether only one particular human being peed in the jar. 

Even Twitter queen Chrissy Teigen took a facet, standing for coconut h2o. 

u should have it Tony I am happy to have worked with them !!!!

— christine teigen (@chrissyteigen) May 15, 2019

This, individuals, just isn’t just a masterpiece, but a best display of big dick vitality from Vita Coco.

Other Twitter customers famous that while brand Twitter has an regrettable inclination to be extra, Vita Coco truly did go over and further than in this social media stunt. Confident, IHOP tried using to be quirky with its burger-themed title change, but can it truly major this?

Which is it. Go household, every person. Twitter is finished for today.